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Egyptians Without Borders For Development

About us

Was founded by human rights activists and Tnmoin to work on development programs from a human rights perspective and perhaps a defining point for the emergence of this corporate entity is the desire of its founders and team work in building an influential force in the positive change in different communities
 (Civil - and governmental - and private sector

to contribute to the development of local communities, for a developed society,
free and fair, managed the public affairs through the people and for them on the basis of raising and development of human skills and empowerment of marginalized groups to activate the participation of all sectors of society

Egyptians Borders is working to break the barrier of exclusion
And marginalized groups in society and its different sectors, and work to involve them in the process of developing their communities and benefit returns development, and enable those sectors, with the knowledge and experience that will help them to assume greater responsibilities in managing the affairs of their lives and work effectively to improve the surrounding environment.

Members of our network

  • Egyptian Coalition for supporting and promoting education for all
  • Consisting of 34 organizations and associations

Global Action Week in Egypt

Members of our network

  1. Egyptian national campaign to strengthen and reform the educational system (teacher per child)
  2. Campaign Policies
  3. 1- Directing five of the major donors to allocate funds to support the issues of education in Egypt through the Egyptian Coalition for Education
  4. 2 - Claim the Ministry of Higher teachings trained and qualified teachers before teaching to equip them with the expertise
  5. 3 -Claim the ministry to increase the proportion of the education budget from the state budget
  6. 4 - Claim colleges of education need to develop standards in accepting students who will become teachers

Who are we targeting during this year's campaign?

- Ministry of Education
- Ministry of Higher Education
- Donors
- Media
- Teachers and parents
- Egyptian coalition members

What activities are we running during Global Action Week?

  1. 1 - A documentary film about the problems of primary education students and teachers at the same stage in five schools in different provinces
  2. 2 - 5 meetings with members Hiat teaching in colleges of education to make recommendations to improve the status of teachers on the skill level and the physical and cognitive
  3. 3 - National conference on the development of basic education in Egypt with the participation of the colleges of education and Omthlee Ministries of Higher Education and the Ministry of Education and the media and the press
  4. 4 - Interviews with five of the donors to customize programs and funds to support education and educators in Egypt
  5. 5 - Establish a page on Facebook and weekly bulletins by the Global Action Week for the definition of the problems facing the educational system
  6. 6 - Media campaign addressing the issues of education and presented the documentary film in five television and radio programs
  7. And five press kits

Our national event

20 April to 3 may 2013

Our media campaign

Media campaign addressing the issues of education and presented the documentary film in five television and radio programs
And five press kits

Coalition contacts

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wessam elsheriaf