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About us

IBIS - Education for Change is a development organisation working with Education for All and based in nine countries in Africa and Latin America.

Members of our network

  • The Danish Education Network

Global Action Week in Denmark

Members of our network

  1. 1.7 million teachers are need to bring 61 million children in school. The Danish goverment must paly a vital role in Global Education First Initiative to insure fair funding from all donor countries.
  2. Danmark must maintain not only their funding to GPE but also contribute with bilateral programmes in states that are not funded by GPE.

Who are we targeting during this year's campaign?

The Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and the Development Minister Christian Friis Bach

What activities are we running during Global Action Week?

  1. 167.000 students and 8000 teachers are using global education material called the Reading Rocket with focus on Education for All in late March. This material is created so it builds up understanding and knowlegde about Education for All and so students can be active in active in action week.

Our national event

April 24 from 10 am to 12 pm.

Our media campaign

Contact to country news papers, television and facebook

Coalition contacts

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Helle Gudmandsen