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Palestinian Territory

Qattan Center for Educational Research and Development

About us

Non profit organization especialized in educational research ,training teachers ,educators and researchers.It aimes at developing the educational system by considering the teacher the change factor .

Members of our network

  • British Council
  • Universities in Gaza

Global Action Week in Palestinian Territory

Members of our network

  1. Developing the teaching skills of teachers who are already in service and those who are pre service.

Who are we targeting during this year's campaign?

Ministry of Education and Higher Education

What activities are we running during Global Action Week?

  1. start projects with schools by training teachers and monitor applications and making review and evaluation at the end of the scholastic year .

Our national event

on three days from 12.00-2.00
21,24,and 27/April,2013.

Our media campaign

full documentation of the workshop and distribution of material.

Coalition contacts

First Name Last Name
Maha Abdulrahman Barzaq