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Palestinian Territory

University Colledge Of Applied Sciences

About us

UCAS is a Palestinian academic institution of higher-education in Gaza Strip, Palestine. It was established in 1998 as a technical and vocational education College and is currently accredited by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education as a University College offering Bachelor and diploma degrees in more than 40 different distinguished technically and technologically-oriented programs.

Members of our network

  • 1. Islamic university- Gaza.
  • 2. Ministry Of Education.

Global Action Week in Palestinian Territory

Members of our network

  1. 1. Support Teachers.
  2. 2 .Support students.
  3. 3. Keeping Ethics.

Who are we targeting during this year's campaign?

1. ministry of education.
2. (UNRWA) Administration.

What activities are we running during Global Action Week?

  1. 1.Conferensces.
  2. 2.Workshop.

Our national event


Our media campaign

1. Web page Of The College.

Coalition contacts

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Mohammad Kalahkh