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National Coalition for Education (NCE), India

About us

National Coalition for Education (NCE) is a conglomeration of networks working on Right to Education comprising of Parliamentary Forum for ensuring right to Education, All India Primary Teachers Federation (AIPTF), All India Federation of Teachers Organization (AIFTO), All India Secondary Teacher’s Federation (AISTF), All India Association for Christian Higher Education (AIACHE), World Vision India and People's Campaign for Common School System (PCCSS).

Members of our network

  • Asia South Pacific Association For Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE)
  • Care India
  • 250 Regional and National CSOs

Global Action Week in India

Members of our network

  1. • Allocate a minimum of 20 percent of national budgets, or 6 percent of GDP, to education, and ensure that at least 50 percent of this is dedicated to basic education, with a much higher percentage where necessary.
  2. • To ensure quality of education, immediate filling of vacant posts through trained teachers should be done. Untrained and Para teachers should be replaced by regular and trained teachers and Para teachers recruited so far should be trained and regularized.

Who are we targeting during this year's campaign?

Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Government of India
Members of Parliament
Advocacy with Academicians
Partnering with Electronic and Print Media

What activities are we running during Global Action Week?

  1. Advocacy campaign in 15 states of India(Teachers' unions and Partner CSOs) and Culmination Event in New Delhi with UNESCO, Care India and UNIC
  2. 1. Essay Writing on ECNT by School children
  3. 2. Drawing Competition on the theme ECNT
  4. 3. Rallies by All stakeholders advocating ECNT
  5. 4. Charter of Demands to Government Authorities in different states by children and CSOs
  6. 5. Submission of post cards demanding ECNT to the Governors of States by School children
  7. 6. Orientation meeting with Parents,Teachers and People's Representatives on ECNT.

Our national event

Culmination Event of EFA Global Action Week 2013 held on 25 April, 2013

Our media campaign

Press release and news bite to leading electronic and print media
1. BBC World
2. All India Radio
3. News Express
4. Leading National Daily (Hindi and English)

Coalition contacts

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National Coalition for Education (NCE), India