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Egyptians Without Borders For Development from Egypt - View

1 - A documentary film about the problems of primary education students and teachers at the same stage in five schools in different provinces
2 - 5 meetings with members Hiat teaching in colleges of education to make recommendations to improve the status of teachers on the skill level and the physical and cognitive
3 - National conference on the development of basic education in Egypt with the participation of the colleges of education and Omthlee Ministries of Higher Education and the Ministry of Education and the media and the press
4 - Interviews with five of the donors to customize programs and funds to support education and educators in Egypt
5 - Establish a page on Facebook and weekly bulletins by the Global Action Week for the definition of the problems facing the educational system
6 - Media campaign addressing the issues of education and presented the documentary film in five television and radio programs
And five press kits

Somaliland Network on Education For All (SOLNEFA) from Somalia - View

Invite all participants and holds an open discussion forum
Media engagement for all activities
Matching day at the freedom square
School Visiting to hold events at school level
Production of T shirts, posters, banners and other printing materials

Global Campaign for Education UK from United Kingdom - View

The 2012 theme of 'Every Child Needs a Teacher' was adopted for our schools campaign which involved nearly 5,000 UK schools.

500,000 young campaigners created messages in the form of decorated cutout 'ideal' teachers. They were encouraged to hold special events, do media work and to send a message to world leaders via their constituency MPs and other political representatives. Messages were sent to 99% of all MPs in the UK and many MPs passed the messages on to the Prime Minister.

The GCE UK policy and parliamentary groups plan to work on a wide range of themes including teachers, equity and inclusion, low cost private schooling and education in emergencies, and the post-2015 agenda. The groups will organise regular meetings with the DFID Minister and technical staff working on education, and a programme of parliamentary events throughout the year.

IBIS from Denmark - View

167.000 students and 8000 teachers are using global education material called the Reading Rocket with focus on Education for All in late March. This material is created so it builds up understanding and knowlegde about Education for All and so students can be active in active in action week.

Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE) from Bangladesh - View

This year’s campaign is aimed towards mobilization at the grassroots level engaging partner NGOs and Teacher Unions. CAMPE has planned the following activities with its partners through a series of consultation with local stakeholders and partners.
• Launching of ‘TVET Stakeholder’s Mapping and Need Assessment Report’ which will be held at the national level jointly with Save the Children International and CAMPE
• Sub national level seminar/ sharing meeting on the theme
• Consultation/ discussion meeting with teachers union/teachers
• Public hearing focusing on the theme and demands of GAW 2013
• Handing over of memorandum to local administrations, elected members of parliament MPs, politicians, policy makers for taking proper action to ensure quality teacher for every children
• Consultation with media focusing quality teacher issue
• Publish and disseminate poster, leaflet on the demands
• Publish supplements/open appeal demanding quality education and quality teachers
• Rally/Human chain
• Art competition /story writing competition/story telling/essay competition for the students focusing the theme
• Students gathering at schools for demanding quality teacher
• Launch Education Watch Report 2011/12