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About us

The Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC) is a network of civil society organizations, professional groupings, educational/research institutions and other practitioners interested in promoting quality basic education for all. In 1999 just before the Dakar Conference on Education For All (EFA) this coalition was formed by civil society organizations engaged in education delivery and concerned about the falling standards of education in Ghana. The coalition is engaged in community mobilization, research and advocacy to ensure government fulfils its commitments on EFA.a lot has been achieved since then but a lot more needs to be done. Currently GNECC and NNED bring together nearly 300 NGOs, CBOs, FBOs and individuals in education across the country. With the exception of four (4) secretariat staff, everybody else is a volunteer. Its philosophy is premised on the fact that education is a fundamental human right and key to fighting against poverty.
Consequent upon that, it demonstrates efforts at conceptualizing the Jomtien Declarations and related global conventions such as the Dakar Declarations, the Millennium Development Goals etc for the attainment of quality and free compulsory universal basic education for all (EFA) in Ghana.

Members of our network

  • ActionAid - Ghana.
  • Ibis West Africa Ghana.

Global Action Week in Ghana

What are we demanding during Global Action Week?

  2. Does the number of enrollment vis-à-vis the pupil teacher norm indicate that the number of teachers on pay roll is outrageous?
  3. Are there some teachers being paid for doing no work at all?
  4. What are the expected/ideal number of teachers that the pre-tertiary sector requires to sustain teaching and learning?
  5. Are there more teachers in the system than is required?
  6. Are the ongoing interventions to attain equilibrium in teacher demand and supply still relevant today?
  7. What are the other alternatives to beef up the teachers' core? Are they sustainable and efficient?
  8. What are the policy directions necessary for addressing the current huge wage bill at the public pre-tertiary level of education delivery?
  9. What are the policy directions necessary for addressing the current huge wage bill at the public pre-tertiary level of education delivery?

Who are we targeting during this year's campaign?

Ministry of Education.
Teachers' Union.

What activities are we running during Global Action Week?

  1. A durbar.
  2. Press Conference.
  3. Roundtable.
  4. Schools Dialogue

Our national event

It will be held on the 25th of April,2013..

Our media campaign

We will be sharing updates on our blog and Facebook.
And our website will also be running.