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April 23rd 2013 Global Action Week so far: news from around the world

International News by Global Campaign for Education

Around the world, GCE Members are campaigning to draw attention to the 1.7 million teacher gap, placing their focus on the problems children face due to the insufficiency of teachers:

Palestine: a full week of events will be delivered including a national press conference, marches across several different cities and a national round table with policy-makers in Ramallah.

Denmark: 167,000 students and 8000 teachers have joined the campaign using EFA materials as part of the Danish ‘Reading Rocket’ schools’ activity.

Niger: a huge amount of diverse activity has been planned to engage the public and policy makers in the debate, including politicians visiting several schools, public entertainment events profiling the need for qualified teachers, a series of conferences highlighting different aspects of the EFA agenda and a media campaign.

Afghanistan: one national and seven provincial events will be held across the week, including theatre and sports events involving...

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April 23rd 2013 UN and UNESCO voice their support for Global Action Week

National News from South Africa by Global Campaign for Education

21-27 April 2013 marks GCE's Global Action Week, which will see millions of people taking part in GCE Members' activities worldwide to support the 'Every Child Needs a Teacher' campaign. 1.7 million more teachers are needed to get achieve universal primary education (UPE) and GCE is working to achieve greater political support for increased financing, stronger policies on teachers and teacher training and international focus on teachers as the means to achieve quality education for all.

This year, both the United Nations Secretary-General and the UNESCO Director-General have voiced their support in GCE's new campaign film, launched on Monday 22 April. 

The film includes the UNSG, Ban Ki-moon, telling us about a teacher who changed his life, as well as interviews with teachers and campaigners highlighting problems faced on the ground by the lack of trained teachers.

Trained teachers are the key to ensuring children are in school and learning, but this crucial role is yet to...

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